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    Suspension Gel, just the way Mother Nature intended.
    2010-03-12, 11:23 PM
    Imagine if you were able to perfectly blend up a handful of berries... what do you get? Not a pill, not a juice either... you get a gel. You have all the benefits of the nutrients in the juice part of the berries, as well as the benefits of the fibrous material such as digestive stimulation, nutrient absorption and much more. Enter Agel. We don’t do pills which can sit in the digestive system not breaking down and not delivering nutrients. We don’t do juices which don’t retain the fibrous base, key to nutrient delivery. We do gel. We maintain the fibrous base which enhances the bodies ability to absorb nutrients, ensures a consistent delivery of hydrated nutrients every time, provides a soothing effect to your digestive system and tastes great. Now of course not all nutrients come in a gel, at least not until now... but with Suspension Gel you can get all the nutrients you’ll ever need in a delivery system that your body can use. Welcome to Agel, welcome to health.
    Check out our great Suspension Gel products below.
    Категория: Agel Products | Добавил: Yasmine | Теги: Agel, Agel products, Almaty, Agel Kazakhstan
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