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    Главная » 2011 » September » 13 » Dead doctor's don't lie by Dr. Wallach - part 2
    10:05 PM
    Dead doctor's don't lie by Dr. Wallach - part 2

    . Stroke

    Here's an attorney. You're not a doctor, are you sir? She was so famous, she was from Detroit, aged 44, Ellen Joyce Alter. She was in the New York Times obituary, she made the big time. Of course she probably had steel buns because she belonged to one of those private health clubs. All these gals want steel buns, you know, doing their little exercises. But she didn't have expensive urine, because she died of a ruptured cerebral aneurysm. When they don't do an autopsy, the symptoms could be called a stroke, or subdural hemorrhage. Very frequently they are caused by a ruptured aneurysm, which is a copper deficiency. She didn't have expensive urine.

    9. Cardio Myopathy

    How many of you here have ever heard of a guy by the name of Stewart Berger? He wrote 5 best-selling books on diet, and health and nutrition. He got his degree from Tuft Medical School, which is a very fine medical school in Boston, not too far away from Harvard Medical School. And the books he wrote, "The Southhampton Diet for Weight Loss", he wrote "Forever Young," "20 years Younger in 20 weeks", and "How to be your own Nutritionist". And he died at age 40. How would you like to follow his dietary practices? He died at age 40 of cardio myopathy, which is a Selenium deficiency. The same as white muscle disease, or stiff lamb disease, and any farmer can go to a feed store and get Selenium pellets or Selenium injections, things like Seletok and Bozie. And Dr. Stewart Berger, a fellow who wrote 5 best-selling books on nutrition, died of a nutritional deficiency. He didn't have expensive urine.

    You can prevent, totally prevent, cardio myopathy for ten cents a day. And if we don't do it, we are malignant dumb, I like to call it. Malignant dumb if you don't take in ten cents a day of Selenium. It's a waste of your life. It's one of those landmines that you can avoid.

    The medical treatment of choice for cardio myopathy is a heart transplant, costs $750,000. I want you to think about that. They get the heart free from a donor, they get the blood free for the surgery from the relatives. They use $2.50 of suture material, and they charge you $750,000 for that procedure. Now 6 months ago in LA when they had the earthquake, they were putting people in jail for 60 and 90 days for price-gouging, for selling these terrified people a gallon of water for $4.00. They put them in jail for price-gouging, for selling them a gallon of water for four bucks. Now to me that's entrepeneurealism. That's being in business for yourself. If you had a way to distill water and make water and you had a car and you could get in there and sell those people a gallon of water for $4, more power to you. Because if you go to a Seven-Eleven and buy a quart of Evian water it's $1.29. So four of those quarts is $5.00. Kind of interesting, isn't it? And they said it was price-gouging because those people were terrified.

    Well talk about a person who needs a new heart, they're terrified. $750,000, we should put those doctors in jail. But we bow to them because it is high-tech medicine. Out of 250,000,000 people in America they save about 50 a year. Is that cost-effective? I don't think so. Any rate, Dr. Stewart Berger didn't have expensive urine.

    Now here's the last one, and many of you might know this woman. Her name is Dr. Gail Clark. She was aged 47. She was the Chief Cardiologist at W. St. Louis County group of hospitals. She was the Chief Cardiologist for the St. Mary's Health Center in Richmond Heights, in St. Louis County. Guess what she died from? Heart attack. Cardio myopathy heart attack. You can just see her walking down the hall, she's got the stethoscope around her neck. This is her little status symbol, got my stethoscope around my neck. Back while I was in school they folded it up very bravely and put it in their pocket. Run! She has a heart attack, she falls down right in the hall. And of course the nurses scoop her up and put her on a gurney, and they call the technicians, and another doctor, "Code 3, Code 3, Code Blue", whatever it is. And they whip her into the room, and lets say you are a cardiac patient, you're laying there, you're all hooked up to the monitors and the IV's, and you hear them say, "Okay, get her clothes off. Okay, stand back. Didn't work, turn it up. Stand back. And then you hear that terrible sound when you know that the treatment didn't work. The flat line when you know the heart is gone. And everybody walks out of the room dejected, and you say, "Nurse, nurse, what happened next door?" And she says, "Well, your cardiologist, you know, the Chief Cardiologist for this hospital, aged 47, Dr. Gail Clark, just died of a cardio myopathy heart attack." You can see all the patients are holding their gowns, and they're running out of that hospital, leaving their watches and their shoes and their checkbooks and their plastic credit cards, cause they don't want to get what Dr. Gail Clark got. (My Mommy sent me that one).

    Lastly, on that subject, how many have ever heard of Reggie Lewis? Reggie Lewis was a great athlete, he didn't use four letter words, didn't use drugs. Not a bad word came out of his mouth. In April, 1993, he collapsed on the floor during a game with the San Antonio Spurs, and his diagnosis was cardio myopathy. Now because he was an athlete and in good shape, he survived that first heart attack. The Boston Celtics paid 12 cardiologists a million dollars each on the front end to save Reggie. Save Reggie, they spent 12 million bucks. They didn't take 20 dollars and send a medical student to the library to find out what are all the causes of cardio myopathy, they just argued and bickered over who was going to get famous and rich by doing the heart surgery, the transplant, on Reggie. Well, July 28, 1993, Reggie died of his cardio myopathy. Now here is a 65 million dollar a year athlete, and they paid 12 million dollars for 12 cardiologists to save him. What chance do you think you have, in a hospital where the cardiologist needs a Mercedes payment or has 5 ex-wives to pay. He's not going to give you ten cents a day of Selenium. He wants $750,000. He earned it! He went to medical school for eight years! Well if you believe that's true, then you just go right ahead and get in line. But if you object to that, don't get in line, and take your Selenium.

    Well why does this go on? Even though we know that these things are wrong, (we inherently know that), and we know that there's the Truth out there, we see it in the newspaper everyday. Why does it go on? Well there is a five-letter word that's worse than any four letter word, it's M-O-N-E-Y. And I'm not against people making a living or making money. There's nothing wrong with that. But when you injure other people to get it, then there's something wrong with it.

    Any rate, this is illustrated by an article that was in the Washington Post, November 2, 1992, and the title of the article is "Lining Doc's Pockets". The first paragraph says, "If you go to your doctor, you want him to think of you as a patient, not a cash cow, but 2 studies in this month's New England Journal of Medicine showed that doctors are out to milk you dry." I couldn't believe that doctors would write that in their own medical journal, so I went to the medical school in San Diego, at La Hoya, and took out those articles out of the library, and sure enough, they were in there, but they were written by two PH.D. hospital directors, administrators.

    What they said was, "Hey, it's not paperwork, it's not insurance, it's not all this computer stuff that's running the cost up of healthcare. It's you doctors, because there is a lot of things you can do in your office for $50. But instead, when a person has good insurance, you say to them, "Well, I can't quite tell what's wrong. You've got good insurance, let's check you into the hospital for a week or ten days and run some tests." Well who do you think owns the hospital? The doctor! The doctor does, and so he is referring you in there to make sure those beds are full, and all the overhead is taken care of. Remember, when you pay the doctor bill, where does it go? Well it's gotten so bad that even the Reader's Digest has jumped on the bandwagon. To me the Reader's Digest is a magazine that never says anything negative or bad about anybody or any group. It is the sweetest little magazine that ever was. September,1993, issue features an article that says,"Can you trust your doctor?" It lists 12 ways the doctors scam your money. I'll let you read 11 of them yourself. I'll give you the worst one.

    In addition to their income from office fees, and surgical fees, and lab fees, and hospitalization, doctors get a kickback from the labs, and the xray labs, and clinics and hospitals, $421 everytime they send you in for a Catscan, or an MRI. And doctors tell you, "Oh we do that because we're practicing defensive medicine. Cause if I miss something, one in ten billion, you're going to sue me. So I do this just to protect myself." Well, if it was just to protect themselves, and you knew them, and they knew you, 90% of the people say, "Ah just skip it Doc," you don't really think it's necessary, let's save the money. But they've got something more than defensive medicine to worry about. They get $421 and a kickback for every time they send you in for an MRI or a Catscan.

    Well, when I practiced for 12 years up in Portland, somebody came to me with a terrible headache, never had one, I just walk up to them and tap them on the sinuses, and if they collapse to their knees, I know they had a sinus headache. "Oh, Doc, why did you do that?" "Well, that's a cheap lab test." If they had blood dripping out of their nose, I would take a $35 xray to see if they had a Cancer in there. $35 and a free lab test, as opposed to $421. If I wanted to make that $421, I'd have been a good thief, but I would have gone out and built a chute right into that Catscan machine, cause I knew how to build chutes, living on a farm, and I'd have gone out in the street and I'd have gotten every homeless person. I'd line them up in those chutes, and I'd say, "I'm going to buy you a $1.50 dinner, I'm a good guy, you just got to go through this chute, go through that tube, and you get your sandwich and your soup." Man, they would be flowing through there. Maybe 100 a day. And I could start adding some things up. It would be a lot of fun. Any rate, the average doctor gets $228,660 a year Catscan kickbacks. A quarter of a million dollars a year. And any other industry if you'd do that, politicians, lawyers, business men, stock brokers, THEY GET PUT IN JAIL. But doctors, it's okay. Because insurance pays for it. Hilary will pay for it. We don't mind if they steal us blind. It's free.

    10. Cravings

    Remember I told you I was going to tell you about PICA. PICA is a funny disease, I'm not talking about the PICA you see on a typewriter, PICA is a disease that farmers know about. In horses it's called cribbing, when they chew on the feed bunk, the wooden feed bunk. You know you had better give them some minerals, otherwise, they would eat that feed bunk. Also, in cattle, dairy cattle especially, where they are losing a lot of minerals through their milk all the time, intensive milking, you'll see them picking up big rocks and chewing on them, or they'll chew on barbed wire, or maybe you'll see them walking down through the path with a deer bone in their mouth, or shingle, that's called PICA. And the good farmer, or husbandman, knows you had better give them some minerals, otherwise they are going to eat the barn or something.

    In human beings we see this at funny times, pregnant women are notorious for PICA. The middle of the night they will elbow their husband and say, "Hey, you had better get up. I want some pickles and ice cream." They are craving minerals because that fetus is pulling minerals out of their body, and they need some more minerals. And so it is recognized as a craving for things like sweets and salt, and so forth. You see this in pregnant women. I used to have people come to my practice and they would say, "Doc, do I need to go see a shrink?" I'd say "Why is that?" "Well, I wake up in the middle of the night and I go outside with a spoon and I eat dirt." "No, that's okay. Just make sure it is clean dirt."

    Then they say, "My kid sits there with the kitty litter box and he has a spoon and is eating that stuff out of the kitty litter box." And then in housing projects, little kids will eat lead paint off the walls, and they get lead poisoning. They get learning disabilities and bone problems and anemia. We're good, so we spend 5 million dollars to scrape the lead paint off of there and repaint it with latex paint. Now all we had to do was give those kids 10 cents worth of minerals. Be better for them and save us 5 million bucks. It's your cash money, and if we allow them to throw them away, those dollars, it's kind of interesting.

    11. Liver or Age Spots

    Any rate, if you have a Selenium deficiency, and you don't want to wait until you get cardio myopathy and drop dead from a heart attack to recognize it, if you look on your hands and you look in the mirror on your face, if you have liver spots or age spots, and I see quite a few from here, you have an early Selenium deficiency. That's called free-radical damage, and fortunately for you, if you recognize that, and you start taking in some colloidal Selenium, in 4 to 6 months it will all go away. You'll reverse back in 4 to 6 months. And when they go away on the outside, they're going away on the inside, in your brain, and your heart, and your liver, and your kidneys.

    12. Hyperactive children/Low blood sugar/Diabetes

    And if you have low blood sugar. How many have every seen a hyperactive kid who gets on sugar? People who have sugar problems are like alcoholics, there is good ones and bad ones. The good alcoholics are one that when they get a few drinks they just go off in the corner and just go to sleep. Same way with somebody with low blood sugar, they eat a big meal or eat a piece of pie, then 3 hours later they conk out and go to sleep.

    Then there's bad alcoholics, they are the ones that get two drinks in them and they violent and rage and want to fight everybody, punch holes in the wall, big brave fellows, and they kick their wife, and kick the dog, and take the chain saw and cut their neighbor's tree down, and all these wild things, and drive reckless down the roads and kill people. Those are the bad drunks. Well people who have blood sugar problems have bad blood sugar people too. They get a little crazy.

    I don't know how many remember the Twinkie defense? Somebody murdered two people, and he claimed he ate a Twinkie 3 hours before he murdered them, so they let him off because he got temporarily insane every time he ate sugar. Now don't any of you try that! Well chromium and vanadium deficiency will result in the sugar problems. Low blood sugar, and if you let it go on for any length of time you develop diabetes. Chromium and vanadium.

    13. Baldness and

    14. Deafness

    In a tin deficiency, the early symptoms are male pattern baldness. (I see a lot of tin deficiency in this room), and if you let it go on for any length of time, you get deafness.

    15. Osteoporosis (partial)

    Then there's the Boron deficiency, because it lets you gals keep the calcium you take in your bones, so you don't get Osteoporosis. Boron.

    16. Hormones

    Also it helps you make estrogen. Helps you fellows make testosterone. If you don't get enough Boron, you ladies are going to suffer, miserably, going through menopause. You're going to have all those terrible symptoms. You fellows don't get enough Boron, can't make enough testosterone, you won't know whether to lead or follow on the dance floor. You're going to be confused. She faints, she's got a Boron deficiency.

    17. Smell/Taste loss

    Then in laboratory, Oh I should tell you too, we said this on the show today, those of you who may not have heard it, some of you didn't hear the whole show. The first symptoms of a zinc deficiency is that you lose your sense of smell and your taste. You say, "Ah, food just doesn't taste good anymore," and you don't have a cold or anything like that. And you say, your wife says, "Aren't you excited about dinner? I spent the whole day in the kitchen cooking dinner." He says, "Well, I didn't smell anything when I walked in". You know he's got a zinc deficiency.

    18. Longevity

    In laboratory animals, there is some seven rare earths. These rare earths are trace minerals you need in lesser amounts than you need in trace minerals. And they actually double the lifespan of laboratory animals. They've not been proven in humans, yet, but I'm not going to wait 500 years for doctors to approve it. They're still arguing over vitamin C and calcium. So I'm just going to do it. Didn't kill any laboratory animals, just doubles their life, and is not a drug. These rare earths are called lanthanum, praseodymium, neodymium, samarium, europium, yiderbium, and thulium. There must be a reason that they are named after Old Testament cities.

    Remember I told you we needed 90 nutrients, we need 60 minerals, we need 16 vitamins, 12 essential amino acids, and 3 essential fatty acids. And of course we are lucky that plants, as a group, can make most vitamins, amino acids, and fatty acids. Plants can do that because they just take carbon out of the air, and make carbon chains, and make vitamins and amino acids, and fatty acids. But you have to eat 15 to 25 different plants a day in the right combinations to make this happen. Theoretically it's possible, but most Americans don't do it. The average American thinks that if they eat some potato buds out of a Betty Crocker box that they are eating a vegetable. So you have got to be careful what you are considering a vegetable.

    Then, of course, they want to do right by their doctor, so they eat low-fat turkey breast, and they put a half a jar of mayonnaise on there, and they put it between two slices of Wonder Styrofoam bread. Remember that stuff you could insulate your house with? And put in your shoes if you get a hole in your shoe? I can remember when I was a kid, 50 years ago, it was a lot of fun because we had Wonder Bread. We didn't have TV back then on the farm, we didn't even have dryers that went round and round, so the only thing you could do in the winter time was to sit in the kitchen and wonder at a loaf of Wonder Bread. And it had the blue, and the red, and the green and yellow balloons on there. And if you read the labels as many times as I do, you know it said things like, "Helps build bodies in 12 ways". About 15 years later the FDA made them change it to, "Helps build bodies in 8 ways". Now if you go to the store and look at Wonder Bread wrappers, it just says "Wonder Bread".

    So it kind of gives you a clue. So even though this is theoretically possible, it's not likely to happen that you are going to get your vitamins, amino acids, and fatty acids in proper proportions from your diet. And so, if your life is as valuable to you as mine is to me and my children to my grandchildren's is to me, I would make sure I take in all my vitamins, amino acids, and fatty acids. Because I guarantee you you won't make it to 120 or 140 if you don't. You're just not going to do it.

    Now minerals are another story. We have a tragic story when it comes to minerals, because plants cannot make minerals in any way, shape or form, and if they're not in the soil anymore, they're not in our plants. We have for you when you leave, a free copy of a summary of US Senate document 264. US Senate document 264 is from the 74th Congress, second session, and it says that our farm soils and our rain soils are depleted of minerals. And the crops, the grains, and the fruits, and the vegetables and the nuts that are grown on these depleted farm and rain soils are minerally deficient, and the people who eat them get mineral deficiency diseases. The only way to prevent and cure them is with mineral supplements.

    That's US Senate document 264, 74th Congress, 2nd Session. It was written and printed by the US Congress in 1936. 58 years ago. You think it has gotten any better? No. It has not gotten any better. It has only gotten worse, and the reason is, if you guys knew what we did, and people continue to do, is we put NPK on our land, (Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium) and you see it as these three numbers in many combinations of ratios, and these represent percentages of these three nutrients, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium.

    Those of you who don't have any experience on a farms, the reason why we do this is because farmers get paid for tons and bushels. There is no subsidy that encourages people to put 16 minerals back in the soil. You get paid for tons and bushels, and for $40 an acre you can get the maximum yield in tons and bushels. It only takes 5 to 10 years to deplete the land of minerals, cause everytime you harvest a crop, those plants pull minerals out of the soil. Many pounds per acre, everytime you haul a crop out. So soon, those minerals are gone. And if you only put back in 3, and you take out 60, like a checking account, if you only put 3 bucks in your checking account each month and write checks for 60, what's going to happen to your checks? Boing, boing, boing, they bounce. Exactly. I can tell you that our health is bouncing right now to the tune of 1.2 trillion dollars a year because there's no more minerals left in our soil. It's our responsibility each and every one of us, to be responsible for our health, and consciously take in these minerals.

    I have a lot of people ask me, "What did these people do thousands of years ago? They didn't even have commercial fertilizer. What did they do?" The societies that had long-lived people and what not. I want you to think about the Egyptians, the Chinese, people from India, that lived around the great rivers, the Nile River, the Ganges River, the Yala River in China. And what used to happen, every year or so it would flood, just like it did here in northern Missouri last year. And every time it flooded, guess what would happen? It would bring silt, or rock dust from mountains, from 500 or 1000 miles away, and those people would trade every god they had, the water god, the sky god, the wind god, the rock god, to flood. We pray, don't flood. They used to pray to flood, because they had their floods during the winter time, and it would put silt and minerals back in the soil. And their grain was very valuable. King Phillip, who was the father of Alexander the Great, married the 12 year old child queen of Egypt, Cleopatra. She didn't look like Elizabeth Taylor, all made up in beautiful costumes. She was a little flat-chested teenie-bopper, not very sexy, but Phillip married her because she controlled the best wheat in the world. And he wanted his Macedonian Army to conquer the world, through his son, Alexander the Great. And he needed the best wheat in the world so he could march 20 hours a day, fight for 6 hours, and win. If they used the wheat from the depleted soils in Greece, they couldn't go 20 minutes without saying, "Mommy, pick me up." Can you imagine these big Greek soldiers, "Oh, my legs hurt. Pick me up". And so they knew the best place to get wheat was from Egypt. It was those floods that gave them those minerals. And all those cultures that came up with all the great art and all the great technology, came from those places because they had more intelligence, cause they had more nutrition. More minerals, I heard somebody say. Very good. We're getting the picture.

    What I'm going to do here is to pick out just a couple of minerals, just a couple of them so you get the idea. It applies to all of them. Let's just pick out a common one, like calcium. Everybody knows about calcium.

    Calcium deficiency will result in something like 147 different diseases. They're just different names, they're named after people like Bells Palsey, one side of your face sags, not a true stroke, it just effects your facial muscles. It's caused by calcium deficiency. We'll talk about it in a little bit.

    19. Osteoporosis

    But everybody knows about this one, Osteoporosis. It's the number 10 killer of adults in the United States. It's very expensive. It costs you $35,000 for each hip to replace. So okay, it's free. Insurance, or Medicare, or Hilary will pay for it. Costs you $70,000 for both hips. As expensive as it is, the number 10 killer, remember, Mrs. Skates, of Radford, Virginia, aged 115, she died of the complications of a fall. We don't have Osteoporosis in animals. It's because of farmers that we don't have Osteoporosis in animals. Goes like this. You have a pasture with 100 cows in it, and this year you didn't have any calves, you can't repay your operating loan, you're in trouble. Cause you paid for the feed, and the vet bill, and mowed the pasture, and fertilized, and maintained the fence, and fed the cows, and all this, that and the other. You don't have any calves you can't pay back the operating loan and make any money.

    So you call the vet out and you say, "Do I get rid of these cows? What happened here?" And he examines the cows and says, "There's nothing wrong with these cows, let me look at the bull. Aha, here's your problem. This bull has Osteoporosis of both hips. Can't breed the cows. Didn't have any calves. I'll tell you what, though, you give me $70,000, I'll put two new hips in that bull, and next year you'll have some calves."

    Well, the first thing that farmer says is, "Stand back, Doc. BOOM!" He blows that bull away with a deer rifle, and while the kids are grinding the bull up with a grinder, and cutting roasts and steaks off that bull, the farmer is chewing on a straw and saying, "Now Doc," he pushes his Stetson up a little bit and he says, "You know, I wasn't going to pay you $70,000 for that bull. I can get a new bull every year for 70 years for that. But every once in a while I get a good bull that throws good calves and I'd like to keep him. Is there any way I can prevent that Osteoporosis thing from happening to a good bull?"

    Well he says, "Yeah, if you'll give a bull calf ten cents worth of calcium everyday after he is weaned, he'll never get Osteoporosis."

    The farmer says, "Wait a minute, Doc. You mean, if I give that bull 10 cents a day worth of calcium, I can prevent a $70,000 disaster?"

    "Hell, yeah, it's that simple."

    "You mean all I have to do is give up a half a cup of coffee a day to do that?"

    He says, "Yeah, that's it."

    He says, "I choose that one. I'll give up the half a cup of coffee."

    And that's what we have to think like, okay?

    20. Gingivitis/Receding Gums

    Then, there's receding gums, dentists and periodontists will tell you that if you want to prevent and cure receding gums you had better floss and brush after every meal. If you believe that works, I have some ocean-front property in Montana to sell you. You all know your geography, you know that doesn't work. Now as a veterinarian, I've seen hundreds of thousands of animals of all kind, mice, rats, rabbits, dogs, cats, sheep, pigs, horses, lions, tigers, bears, and they don't get receding gums. And they don't floss. But they do get flunky breath, but they don't get receding gums. Boy if you want to smell something you just let a camel breathe on you. Well, the reason we don't have receding gums in livestock is because we've dealt with the Osteoporosis problem. Receding gums is not a deficiency of flossing, it is, in fact, Osteoporosis of the jawbones and the facial bones. So if you have gingivitis or receding gums, you have advanced Osteoporosis. Those bones around your teeth are melting away, little bit by little bit everyday. And if you take your teeth out at night and put in a glass next to your bed in that fizzy stuff, you have major, advanced Osteoporosis because all your bone has melted away. (Calcium)


    Then there's arthritis. We talked about that a little bit earlier. Remember the chicken cartilage and the Knox gelatin? 85% of all arthritis is caused by Osteoporosis of the joint, ends of the bones. You're talking about degenerative arthritis, osteo arthritis, sciatica, lumbago, rheumatism, all those sorts of things. They are caused by Osteoporosis of the joint ends of the bones. I want you to think about something for a minute.

    If you don't take a pain reliever or an anti-inflammatory for that arthritis, let's say you get arthritis of the hips, you're going to kind of favor that a little bit, aren't you? You're going to get a cane or a walker or crutches. You're going to favor it so you don't put any weight on it. I want you to think about that for just one second, because then I want you to think about driving your tractor in a field, or you are driving your Mercedes down the highway, either one, doesn't matter, whichever you love more. And let's say, you didn't put that nut on that oil pan that tight and all the oil drained out. And that light on the dashboard comes on and says, "getting hot, you had better give me some oil". And that light irritates you, so you stop, you open up the hood, you get your clippers out, your fence clippers, and you clip the wire to that light, and you close the hood, and you just keep driving. Would you do that to your tractor or your Mercedes? No, you wouldn't. But we take those pain relievers for arthritis and we go out there and square dance, and do the Texas two-step, and do our five-mile walk and our aerobics. That pill worked real good, Doc, cause it killed my pain. And you are just wearing that thing off faster and faster. Then your doctor is really going to get rich, because you need joint replacement surgery. (Calcium).

    22. Hypertension/high blood pressure

    Then there is hypertension. This is one of my favorites, so I'll put a star over here. Hypertension is high blood pressure. What's the first nutritional thing your doctor will tell you to give up when you get high blood pressure? Salt. Everybody knows that one, it has been ingrained in our heads. Well, they must think we are dumber than cows, because what is the first thing you put out for your cows, and it's about that big? A salt block. No farmer is going to be economically viable if you don't put a salt block out for your livestock. They're going to die. They're going to get their veterinary bill and they are going to go crazy. Now we're supposed to believe that we don't need salt, that we can get everything we need out of your lettuce and your whole wheat bread, and stuff like that. Well don't believe that one either. If you believe that, I've got some more ocean front property in Montana. Remember, those long-lived people put a big chunk of rock salt the size of a big black Concorde grape in every cup of tea, and they drink about 40 cups of tea a day cause they live at high altitudes where it is very dry, and they have to keep hydrated. And they put butter in their tea. They put two pats of butter and chunks of rock salt. They don't put the pink stuff or the blue stuff, or skim milk, or Creamora, or whatever it is. Guess what? The doctors who lived to be 58 tell you, "No salt, no butter". The people who live to be 120, they put in butter and salt. You have got to make some choices.

    They took 30 million dollars of your tax money, and two years ago, after a 20 year study, they came out and said that they took 5,000 people with high blood pressure. They took them off their medication, and put them on a reduced salt diet, a restricted salt diet, and they all died. No big surprise. But somebody got a PH.D. degree and everybody was happy, right? But when they looked at this result, they said, "Oh, only 99.7% of the people didn't get any results from that before they died. 0.3% did get some results, dropped their blood pressure 1 point before they died, by restricting their salt." So the referees said, "Oh, doesn't matter. You might as well let high blood pressure patients eat salted peanuts, and dill pickles, and salt to their food to taste, cause it doesn't matter. In fact, worrying about the salt is more stress than taking the salt.

    Then they had a controlled group with 5,000 people with high blood pressure and they doubled their RDA of calcium and they stopped their experiment in 6 weeks. Cause 85% of them were cured of their high blood pressure, just by doubling their calcium intake.

    Now they didn't, cold turkey, stop their high blood pressure medication, what they did was, they went to the doctor and he said, "You don't need this medication anymore. What are you doing?"

    "Well, I'm on this experiment where I double my calcium intake."

    Anybody get a recall notice from your doctor saying it's okay to salt your food to taste, and please do double your calcium intake? Anybody get that? Not a single one. It's very interesting.

    23. Insomnia

    Then, of course, there's insomnia. That's where you roll around all night, and when you wake up in the morning you're more tired than when you went to bed. That's insomnia. Of course doctors have two treatments for that. They have Halcyon, which is sleeping pill, and they have barbiturates. They kill about 10,000 people a year with overdoses of those things. But that's okay, it's in prescription, and they're watching out for us. Remember George Bush when he went to Japan. They gave him some Halcyon so he could sleep on the way to Japan cause of the time difference, and when he woke up, one of the side effects of Halcyon is nausea and vomiting. I don't know how you say it in Japanese, but it was very dramatic on world TV, right? Not very presidential. I'm sure that's why he lost the election, cause he puked over that Japanese Ambassador. (Calcium).

    24. Kidney stones/bone spurs/heel spurs/calcium deposits

    Then, of course, there's kidney stones. And then there's bone spurs, heel spurs, and calcium deposits. Again, physicians will tell you the first thing to give up officially is calcium and dairy, because they have this foolish belief, the stupid belief, the ignorant belief that the kidney stones, bone spurs, heel spurs, and calcium deposits come from your diet, when instead it only comes from your bones when you have a raging Osteoporosis. And when you get these things, you need more calcium, not less.

    25. Muscle Cramps/twitches

    Then there's cramps and twitches. You wake up in the middle of the night and your foot is all cramped up around your neck, you say, "Lord, take me from the knee down. I'm not going to make it until morning". We've all experienced that. It's very common.

    The one that bothered me when I was a teenager, was twitches. My eyelids used to twitch. I'd look in the mirror and I'd say, "Do people see that? Or is that just my imagination?" Sure enough, I could see it actually twitching. So I showed my Mom and she got panicked, you know. This was during the early '50's, and she grabbed me by the shirt and took me down to this lady doctor, I'll never forget, her name was Mary Jane Skepington. And she had me sit down in my jockey underwear on those little stainless steel stool that you can wrench down and up, and sitting there in my jockey underwear for an hour, she'd look in my eye for 10 or 15 minutes. She couldn't figure it out, so she would go on to another patient and come back. I knew she was lost. Today that would be sexual harassment, sitting there naked for an hour in the doctor's office. But then I knew she was just lost. So I said, "Look, Doc, I'm a man (I was 14 years old), and I play football and I'm on the wrestling team and the weight-lifting team in my highschool. If you have to amputate my eyelids, just do it!" She got the picture. She went in her office, she had a Maybelline Mascara eyelash brush and a little mirror. I kind of looked at her and said, "What's that for?" And she said, "The only thing I can figure out is that your eyelashes have curled back and is tickling your eyeballs and that is what is making your eyelids twitch. So what I want you to do is to retrain your eyelashes with this Maybelline Mascara brush." I said "Wait a minute, Doc, you want me to sit on the bench, during the..., when the team...., you know, and you want me to do this? Oh the team will kill me! You've got to be kidding. So I put on my pants, and I leave, and I go to the school library, and I get out a health book, written by two nurses, and I look up muscle cramps and muscle twitches, and it says "calcium deficiency"! So I knew when I was 14 years old that doctors didn't know anything about nutrition. And it hasn't changed, believe me. Oh, I forgot to tell you how I fixed it. I went home and I grabbed some of those calf pellets, and after eating a handful a day for 3 days they were all gone and never came back. So if you see me with a handful of stuff bulging in my pocket, you know it's calf pellets.

    26. PMS

    Then there's PMS, pre-menstrual syndrome. You know, the emotional and physical stuff. The medical treatment of choice for PMS is what we call a hysterical-ectomy, been shortened to hysterectomy. That's a hundred year old treatment, and doctors do about 285,000 unnecessary hysterical-ectomies a year, but it makes Mercedes payments, so they do them. Even the AMA say they're unnecessary, but they don't take their licenses away. And people keep going to them. Can you imagine the poor woman in her 30's, she says, "Doc, you got to do something. Everytime I go out to hang up the clothes, my neighbors kids run down to the basement screaming 'witch'. My own kids think I'm crazy, my husband's leaving me, I'm going to lose my job, you gotta do something." Well instead of giving her some calcium, he says "Well, I'm due for a Mercedes payment, and I know I'm not supposed to do that surgery, but let me give you a hysterical-ectomy and we'll both be happy."

    The University of California, San Diego, came out 3 years ago now and said, "If you just double the RDA of calcium intake, you get rid of 85% of emotional and physical symptoms of PMS." And when that came out, there were huge lines around the health-food stores, around the block, and people had sleeping bags, because they closed before they all got their calcium. And every person in line was a man. They were there for their daughters, and their girlfriends, and their wives, and things like that.

    27. Low Back Pain

    Lastly, is low back pain. 85% of Americans get low back pain whether you work on a computer or you unload hay, or you drive big trucks, doesn't matter. Low back is a big problem. Low back is just Osteoporosis of the vertebrae whether you have a disk problem or whatnot, because if your disk doesn't have anything to hold on to, your vertebrae is melted away, what's going to happen to the disk? Especially if you have a copper deficiency, cause they're made out of elastic fibers, they go. Like a water balloon with a lot of pressure on them. Well, I just want you to look at this quickly before we do the last mineral. Low back, you go an orthopedic surgeon or a rheumatologist you might get a muscle relaxant. You might get valium and a muscle relaxant. You get a lamanectomy, you get your vertebrae fused, you might get a disk operation. They don't tell you that 75% of the time you'll never be the same again.

    PMS, you go to your OB-GYN, you can go to an Internist, you can go to a Family Counselor, or a shrink, or a divorce attorney. Cramps and twitches, you go to a neurologist, you go to a sports medicine doctor, an Internist. Bone spurs, heel spurs, calcium deposits you go to a Rheumatologist, an Orthopedic Surgeon, or a Podiatrist. Kidney stones you go to a Urologist, an Internist, or a surgeon. Insomnia you go to a shrink or a sleep clinic or an Internist. Hypertension, you go to a Cardiologist, and Internist, or a surgeon. Arthritis, a Rheumatologist, an Orthopedic surgeon, an Internist. Receding gums, you go to a dentist or periodontist. Osteoporosis you go to all those health specialists, including a Tums salesman.

    For nothing more than a calcium deficiency!

    It costs you ten cents a day to deal with. Now, on the average, because Americans have insurance, and we have Medicare/Medicaid, we spend on the average $25,000 to $250,000, and we undergo five to ten surgical procedures a year for a calcium deficiency! And we beg the doctors to do it! It's our choice.

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