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    Agel EXO - english
    2010-07-13, 5:03 PM

    Elder - is a small shrub of the family Caprifoliaceae with black-purple
    fruit, common in Europe, North America and Asia. Traditionally, the elder used for filling pies and wine making. It contains a high concentration of more than 60 different antioxidants. With such richness in antioxidants, it is very effective in supporting optimal health of the cardiovascular and immune system. Fruits of elderberry contain up to 50 mg of ascorbic acid, carotene, tannin and carboxylic acids and amino acids.
    In the Middle Ages elder considered sacred tree. The books XVII to the
    science attributed to it an extraordinary healing powers, believed (and this
    confirmed by the experience of centuries), that the daily consumption of elderberry
    prolongs life, gives youth. Balm of elder flowers is
    great therapeutic value as a natural plant hormone.
    This balm was so valuable that he sent to the ambassadors as one of the most expensive gifts. It is believed that a week supplementation with an elder from the aura of a sick person disappear, black and dark gray tones.


    Prunes - a dried black plum. The increasing popularity of prunes in
    recent years due to its useful properties. Prune twice
    effectively fight diseases of the cardiovascular system, other than natural means, and is an absolute champion of the content
    antioxidants, which increase the immune resistance in
    to adverse environmental conditions, have detoxicating action with respect to salts of heavy metals. He has a unique ability to absorb free radicals that are produced during metabolism by the organism.
    High blood pressure recommend "chernoslivovuyu diet, promotes the normalization of pressure. The abundance of ballast substances help regulate the metabolism and gastrointestinal tract. Antibacterial effect of dried plums is as effective medicines. Prunes are rich in vitamins and minerals, has a long shelf life and does not require storage in a cool place.


    Gak - large dark-red prickly fruit that grows on vines in the long
    South-east Asia. The oil is gaka beta Caratina 2 times more than in the liver of mackerel oil, 15 times more than in carrots. Beta quarantine prevents the aging process and contributes to the development of vitamin A. Oil made from the fruit gaka also contains lycopene. This carotenoid, retarding aging, and decontaminating 75% of substances that cause cancer. This is the only carotenoid that can prevent a heart attack. Also in the oil gaka vitamin F - a substance that helps strengthen the walls of blood vessels, preventing cardiovascular disease, reduces the amount of cholesterol in the blood. Even in oil gaka also contains acid Omega 9, promote the development of the nervous system - a substance, especially useful for children
    and women during pregnancy and lactation.

    Sea buckthorn

    As a medicinal plant sea buckthorn used since ancient times.
    For information on the use of sea buckthorn are found in the writings of Greek scholars and writers. Fruits and leaves are used in Tibetan medicine. The fruit (seed), sea buckthorn contains unsaturated fatty acids, organic acids, tannins, flavonoids, vitamins C, B1, B2, B6, P, nicotinic and folic acid, carotene, trace elements.
    Sea buckthorn - the indisputable champion of vitamin E, natural
    antioxidant that prevents aging. Seed extract of sea buckthorn
    has a nourishing, anti-inflammatory, regenerative and biostimulation effect. It softens skin, increases its elasticity and protects against free radicals. Sea-buckthorn oil has an analgesic effect, healing, anti-inflammatory properties.


    Mangosteen - purple fruit, similar in form to the nucleus. Under the thick skinned
    flesh is similar in appearance to the med. Mangosteen sweet taste and
    recalls the smell of grapes or peaches. Mangosteen fruit, is one of
    the most delicious in the world, but here it is cultivated in limited areas and, above all, in Thailand, where a total of Mangosteen tree plantations cover more than 9,000 hectares. Mangosteen is cultivated and the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Honduras.
    Medicinal properties of mangosteen, were known to the peoples of Asia a few centuries ago. Due to its healing properties, this fruit is called "food of the Gods.
    Recent research led to draw public attention to this exotic plant due to tremendous biologically active properties of this relatively new class of components called xanthones. Currently in nature there are more than 200 types of xanthones, 40 of which are contained in the mangosteen fruit. The studies confirm the assumption that the high concentration of xanthones in mangustane is the main source of useful properties of this fruit.
    Xanthones have a huge amount of bioactive properties. Some scientists, conducting laboratory tests, set in the first place affect the ability of xanthones on various bacteria. Other scientists in his laboratory studies have determined that the mangosteen possesses high
    antioxidant effect. In addition, numerous studies have shown that xanthones are most effective in inhibition of the biochemical mechanisms that lead to inflammation.
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