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    Agel GLO - english
    2010-08-30, 3:43 PM

    Beauty from the inside out.

    Hydrating your body is key to looking good and feeling good, as we age, it becomes increasingly difficult for our cells to absorb water. This leads to a dry, flaky, and dull appearance. When combined, green tea seed oil, grape seed oil and aloe vera help your cells absorb water, providing fuller and healthier skin, hair, and nails.

    Enhancing the collagen fibers in our bodies can reduce fine lines and wrinkles, giving you a more youthful appearance. Over time these fibers weaken and stretch causing fine lines and wrinkles, even sagging. By combining acerola cherry extract, horsetail extract and coenzyme Q-10, you can properly support your collagen fibers.

    Protecting yourself from environmental pollutants and the long term effects of the sun can give you an even, smooth, and healthy complexion for years to come. GLO accomplishes this by combining green tea extract with turmeric and oats. 

    Категория: Agel Products | Добавил: Yasmine | Теги: GLO, Agel Kazakhstan
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