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    Главная » 2010 » March » 2 » Don’t You Dare Give Up! By Randy Gage February 26th, 2010
    11:06 AM
    Don’t You Dare Give Up! By Randy Gage February 26th, 2010
    Don’t You Dare Give Up! By Randy Gage February 26th, 2010

    It’s 5 am and I should be sleeping. But I’ve been tossing and turning for over an hour thinking about what I wanted to say to you. It’s about the work you do and the dreams you want to live…
    In our business we can earn a lot of money, win those trips to exotic locales, and drive those gorgeous bonus cars. We have the chance to really get our freedom.
    But that’s the thing about freedom. It’s never free…
    Freedom is the by product of success and you must be willing to pay the price for success. And success never goes on sale. You have to pay the market price. And that can be so very hard…
    I know. I struggled for five years in this business. Sacrificed things to buy my monthly product order. Alienated everyone around me, pestering them to join my business. Argument after argument.
    Because I could explain all the rational, logical reasons everyone should be in the business. And if you wanted to argue with me, I could explain all the reasons you were being an idiot.
    For some reason that approach didn’t work very well. So I switched to strategy number two…
    Begging. But that approach didn’t work much better. So for five years I went to presentation after presentation, bought tape after tape, attended meeting after meeting. I talked about traveling the beaches of the world, while I parked my broken down junk heap in the back, so no one would see what I was driving.
    I remember the first house meeting I did. Invited about 14 or 15 people and waited, brimming over with excitement. Of course you know what happened…
    No one. Not one.
    Common sense tells you I should have quit. But dreams never come true with common sense. Dreams come true because they are bold, daring, and imaginative. Because they are strong enough to pull you toward them.
    I could have quit, should have quit, would have quit. But I came to a realization that changed everything for me: I realized I was the most ambitious person I knew.
    And there was freedom in that line of thinking. Which eventually led to the real freedom.
    I wish I could say after five years I magically flipped a switch and became rich, but that isn’t true. But things started to change…
    I began to understand the importance of a system and how duplication worked. Began daily self-development, becoming less of the person people didn’t want to work with and more of the person they did. Learned some skill sets.
    And today I have those exotic cars, live in my dream homes, contribute to charities in a meaningful way, earn millions of dollars and have my freedom. And while I appreciate the money, toys and trips, it’s about a lot more than that.
    Which is why I’m writing you…
    I have been where most of you are, and made it to the level most are even afraid to dream of. So let me share what I have learned along the way, but most importantly, what I want for you. Here are the four things I want for you:
    1) Live a Life of Adventure.
    Stop watching actors live adventure in movies and TV shows. It’s time for you to live your own adventure.
    I have flown the Concord, prayed in the Crystal Cathedral, fallen in love in Paris, taken a shower on the A380 airplane, flown in a hot air balloon, watched whales playing in Hawaii, meditated in a Shaolin Temple, piloted an airplane, rode an elephant through the rainforest in Thailand, visited all the world’s greatest opera houses, watched a ballgame in Wrigley Field, rode horses through the mountains, and heard the call to worship at mosques in Istanbul. And I’m just getting started…
    Is your adventure started yet? Life is not about fighting rush hour traffic, working in a cubicle, or sending your kids to daycare. Life is for living. And that means you.
    2) Get Your Freedom.
    See number one. You are not meant to be woken up with an alarm clock. You are supposed to wake up when you finish sleeping. When you wake up, you should be the one to choose how you are going to spend your day, and whom you are going to spend it with. You’re supposed to order from the left side of the menu, not the right side.
    Freedom is about having choices. Whether it’s choosing what car to drive, home to live in, or exotic locale you want to vacation in.
    It’s about choosing the causes to support, the school you want your kids to go to, and the people you want in your life. Choosing to live out loud, in color, with passion.
    3) Right Injustice.
    How often have you seen a situation that wasn’t right and felt powerless to stop it? How many times have you wanted to right a wrong, but didn’t have the time or money or freedom to do it?
    I’ve been able to right many an injustice. But I couldn’t do that much when I was trapped and broke. I can now because I am free.
    Want to do a mission in the Philippines, help the starving kids in Africa, or the earthquake victims in Haiti? Do what you can now, but to really make a meaningful difference, you probably need time, money and freedom. Which leads us to…
    4) Move from Success to Significance
    I’m a former minimum wage dishwasher who became a multi-millionaire. I am truly blessed. And yes I appreciate the cars, homes and money this business has brought me. That satisfies you for a while. But then you want more…
    You want to make a difference. Leave a legacy. Build something that outlives you.
    That’s when life really begins. That’s when you know the world is a better place because you are in it. And when be a better place even after you’re gone.
    Whether it’s supporting the arts, building an orphanage, or saving the rainforest. Maybe it’s sponsoring a Little League team, mentoring a young person, or starting a shelter for battered women. Or all of the above.
    I don’t know what is in your heart to do, but I know there is something. And that’s what I challenge you to do. Yes I wish freedom, lifestyle and all the goodies for you. And I also wish you love, meaning and leading a life of significance.
    It won’t be easy; I get that. It means sacrifice.
    Because it means at 7 pm, when your spouse is home and your kids want to play, you’re leaving to go to a meeting. It means you’ll miss a chance to worship some weekends when you’re working with a long distance line somewhere. It means making those calls to candidates long after the excitement and motivation of the big event has worn off.
    But I had a mantra that got me free. And it can get you free. Here it is:
    "I will do today what others will not do, so tomorrow I can do what others cannot do.”
    Will you do that for me? Will you do that for yourself? Will you do that for all the people you’re going to be able to help?
    The pain of discipline is far easier than the pain of regret. When you feel fear, you must profess faith. Because faith is deaf, dumb and blind.
    Faith is deaf to rejection, dumb to failure, and blind to the possibility of defeat. Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. It is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it gives us assurance about things we cannot see.
    We can’t see them, but we have a vision for them. That is why we do self-development every morning, speak those affirmations, put up those pictures on the refrigerator.
    Doing what we do is not easy. It’s not supposed to be. But it is simple. And important. Not just for your freedom and your dreams, but the freedom and dreams of everyone you will make a difference for. Most people today doubt their beliefs and believe their doubts. You have to be different.
    Please. Don’t you dare take down your dream board or those pictures on your refrigerator. Don’t you dare let your spouse or kids see you quit. Don’t you dare give up on your dreams!
    That’s what I want to tell you this morning.
    If you need help, get over to Amazon and pick up a couple of my books. For training in the skill sets necessary for success, get the new edition of my book, "How to Build a Multi-Level Money Machine” here:
    If you have worthiness issues, or think you may be self-sabotaging your success, get, "Why You’re Dumb, Sick & Broke…And How to Get Smart, Healthy & Rich!” here:
    If you don’t have enough room on your credit card right now, get them from the library. But get them. Because the dream really is real. I’m living proof of that. And it can be real for you.
    You’re worth it. You really are. When you first looked at this wild, crazy business, you saw something. Felt something. Knew something.
    Something spoke to you, and reawakened dreams you hadn’t thought about in a long time. And introduced new ones.
    Live those dreams. That is my dream for you.
    P.S. I hope you’ll share this message to everyone on your team. Please Re-tweet it, share it on Facebook, start an email chain to your group. What you do is important. It’s about all the things we discussed: living a life of adventure, helping people get free, righting injustice and doing something of significance. Never forget that.
    P.P.S. Also if you have team members in Russia, Ukraine or any of the Baltic States, let them know I’ll be doing a generic leadership seminar there to help them get free. It’s coming up in a few weeks. You can find the details here:

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